Create a Safe Environment to Return to Work

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As many employees begin returning to their usual working environments, it is more important than ever to ensure a safe workspace. Creating a safe workspace requires understanding and cooperation from all members of your community. This is why consistent training is crucial for employees on all levels of your organization. They must be thoroughly educated on new policies and procedures regarding health and safety to  keep your organization compliant and safe.

After several months of uncertainty and unrest, returning to a regular workspace can be worrisome. However, Circle can help you deliver proper training to prepare your employees for anything and help them return to the office with ease.

The first step to creating a safe workspace is education. Your employees must be up-to-date on the latest health and safety regulations pertaining to your business. These requirements may vary across different organizations, departments, locations, and individual roles. Circle’s automated training assignment allows you to easily deploy specific training programs to your users based on any number of criteria. Circle also gives you free rein in designing your own curriculum, using our online course creator tool. This enables you to customize your training to fit your employees’ specific needs and add a personal touch to your training programs. This guarantees that your expectations will be communicated clearly to your employees.

You must have effective progress monitoring tools to ensure that your employees are keeping up with their training. Circle equips you with an intuitive manager’s dashboard to easily track your employee’s training progress in real time. This tool also enables you to adjust your employees’ training assignments with ease, so that they are always receiving the latest and most relevant training possible. When dealing with new governmental regulations on public safety, it is essential that every employee remains compliant. Circle automatically tracks and stores your users’ compliance data upon completion of each required course. You may access this data with a few simple clicks, making it virtually effortless to stay on top of your organization’s compliance. With quick and effective compliance management, your organization will maintain its reliability while giving your employees extra assurance that they are in a safe environment.

When navigating the world’s current challenges and changing workplace policies, communication plays a critical role. Circle provides you with simple and effective communication tools to keep your employees connected and informed. Emails and notifications may be customized to deliver to any number of employees based on their location, department, or role. Circle also enables you to send mass communications to all members of your organization, so that your employees can stay informed, no matter where they are. Circle’s communication tools help you to solidify your company’s expectations, maintain organization compliance, and spread awareness of important updates.

Whether it’s an office, warehouse, or an outdoor site, Circle is equipped to help your employees feel safe and prepared to return to their regular work environments. With the proper training and effective communication, your organization can guarantee safety for employees and customers alike, while continuing to adapt amidst a changing business environment. 

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