Online Corporate Training

Online Corporate Training

According to current statistics, more than 30% of hours spent on corporate training in the US are delivered in an electronic format. Electronic learning, or e-learning as abbreviated, involves the use of computer technology to support learning, usually by way of using the internet to support and deliver information and instruction.

The goal of e-learning is to maximize participant education as time permits without interfering or distracting from the job. And as industry standards show, the percentage of hours spent on corporate e-learning is going to increase significantly due to competitive markets, the pressure on businesses to do more using fewer employees, and the need to retain skilled employees.

Online training management, a prime example of an e-learning format, is a more efficient way to train employees. New employees can pace themselves with individual training courses, allowing for efficiency and cost-saving alternatives to a traditional classroom setting. Seasoned employees can keep current on their training and employees who apply for a new position that requires additional training can take advantage of corporate training to update their skillsets and be in compliance for the job.

Technology is a driving force behind all successful businesses and concepts. With the advantages of online corporate training, companies can do more with their time, finances, and personnel.

The benefits of online learning enable companies to:

  • Create a user-friendly program for businesses of all sizes
  • Provide a cost-effective solution that saves on travel expenses, lost productivity, and the dependency of a live human being to run the training course
  • Eliminate wasted time, money and resources through inefficient methods such as spreadsheets and databases
  • Have a secure network with password protection
  • Allow flexibility for trainees to take courses on their own laptop in a place and at a time of their choosing
  • Deliver timely and efficient results
  • Improve employee recruitment
  • Increase profits

Today, while it’s easier than ever to get started with online training, it is advisable to use an online training platform to control, administer and deliver the training content. To learn how Circle Learning Management can simplify your training management call us toll-free at 877-590-2677.