Take Your Classroom Courses Online During COVID-19

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The world is currently experiencing an immense challenge in maintaining productivity while being unable to resume operations in a regular work environment. Due to the massive shift that the COVID-19 outbreak has imposed on our society, it is crucial that businesses find a way to adapt to new working environments.

Training in a classroom course environment is no longer possible due to the risk that it poses, but this doesn’t mean that the same learning outcomes can’t be met through alternate means. Fortunately, we live in an age of advanced technology, enabling us to achieve the same interactions online that we obtain face-to-face.

Circle LMS is here to help you adapt to the new reality that we live in, in order to remain competitive. Circle offers live-streaming capabilities, allowing you to take your classroom courses online and achieve the same personal, interactive learning experience offered in a classroom setting. 

Circle is integrated with a variety of online conferencing services, including Webex, Zoom, and GoToMeeting. Circle’s seamless integration allows you to simply switch the course location to an online session without having to create a new course or change the course offering details. From there, our system will automatically update your course’s data and notify your students of the online conference site details. Circle is also integrated with calendar applications, allowing the system to automatically import the conference details to your students’ virtual calendars.

With Circle, training from home can be just as meaningful as training in a classroom setting. Using online streaming is an excellent alternative to classroom courses, enabling your students to receive personal and collaborative training, all while keeping them safe and helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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