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Circle LMS: Tools For Well-Rounded Training

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the circle learning experience

Employee Training

Reap the rewards of a highly-skilled workforce with effective employee training. Not only does job satisfaction and productivity rise but so do your profits.


Extended Enterprise

Effective extended enterprise training helps foster and capitalize on your external business relationships and returns tangible results.


Customer Training

From onboarding to educating customers on how to use your products or services, customer training proves its worth time and time again.


Continuous Training

Fostering a lifelong learning culture and investing in continuous training ensures your business is at the leading edge of change.


Employee Onboarding

Attract and retain top talent with effective employee onboarding that educates and engages your new hires from day one.


Compliance Training

Guarantee your employees are following the rules by offering systematic compliance training.


Limitless Collaboration

Circle is a learning and development platform with open integration capabilities, allowing you to personalize each learner’s experience and invite limitless collaboration with other applications and services.

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